Saturday, January 14, 2012

Reviewer Wendy Darling - Part 2

[Edited July 20, 2012 to add: If you are joining us here because of links from StoptheGRBullies, Goodreads, or the Huffington Post, please read today's post.]

We're back. We couldn't stay away from the train wreck. 505 comments because someone called someone else a bitch on the Internet.

We do feel a bit bad at this point about including Wendy's name in the titles of these posts as she is one of the more clear-headed thinkers on these threads.

Reviewer Lucy - who has a private profile so we can't see what else she has been up to - wins the award for the most pretentious and self-righteous post of the thread:
The agent was not the only one who acted inappropriately and behaved unprofessionally. It's wrong to shift all the blame to her when the author was ALSO trying to screw with the rankings on an independent book review site. Absolving her of guilt like it never happened sends the message that this is acceptable behavior. Screwing with the rankings of the reviews because your publisher couldn't buy you the top slot is pathetic. It's sad that this author, Leigh Fallon, and apparently you too can't understand what's intrinsically wrong with scamming a system for a leg up at readers and reviewers' expenses. 
Keira didn't call a reviewer a bitch. She didn't correct her agent or ask her agent to delete that tweet the moment she saw it. She let it pass. The only thing she did was not say it herself. I won't be throwing her a parade anytime soon. 
We really needed a LOLcat for this. We'll have to dissect this bit of tripe in another post.

Wendy herself tries to shut down any disagreement, although we find this sad rather than laughable:
What also irritates the shit out of me over stuff like this are the fellow GoodReads users and bloggers who are always kissing ass and feel the need to weigh in on other people's reviews, policies, etc. You have a right to disagree with anything I say, but talking about someone publicly is always in bad taste. 
By publicly calling you a bitch this agent is essentially calling any reader who doesn't love this book a bitch.
Others express their sympathy for all that Wendy is going through and how it's so terrible that she's being attacked. /eyeroll

Everyone in this thread needs to grow the fuck up.

Getting called a bitch is not being OMG!!!!ATTACKED or BULLIED or some other over-the-top personal slight. Geez. It was rude, yes, but a mature adult would GET OVER IT.
Crap, we're going to have stop reading that thread again.


  1. If anyone would like to discuss with me the identity of the person behind this blog, feel free to click my name (Lucy) in the above post and contact me. You see, I don't have a private profile at goodreads. I just have him blocked. It's easy to see how that mistake could have been made! Thorough research next time, especially when you promise your friends you're out of the foray. I have additional evidence that will be fun to share, especially with anyone who was attacked.

  2. Once again, if anyone wants to know who is behind this blog I am HAPPY to discuss it at length. Please click on my name (Lucy) above and get in touch with me. Contrary to the (lol) anonymous bloggers belief, my profile is not private. I just have him blocked. It gave me a nice starting off point for my investigating. Much fun was had and I'd love to share my information.

  3. Hello, Lucy. We have not deleted any of your comments. Your first comment got sent to the spam folder, but we found it and approved it. Please see above. Also your profile link did indeed read "This Profile is Restricted to GoodReads Users" when we made this post. Have you changed it?

  4. So now you're claiming that you're not blocked and that you're researching everyone on goodreads without an account of your own? It would be well played if I'd ever suffered a head injury.

    "This Profile Is Restricted to Goodreads Users.

    Sign in to Goodreads to Learn More About Lucy."

    I see that too when I sign out. That is not the same thing as a private profile, which is what you say you saw in your post and what users see when a profile is private AND when the user has blocked you. You're blocked; you're also not as smart as you think you are.

  5. Lucy, I am not the one running this blog. Please share your information (either with me or in public, I don't care which) so people will stop bothering my friends about this.

    To whoever IS running this blog: everyone thinks I'm the one running this blog.

  6. Lucy, we are not GoodReads members and neither one of us is named Sean. Are we really going to argue over the definition of the word "private"? Fine, we used "private" in the sense of "not open to public" or "only open to members of the web site". Perhaps "restricted" would have been a better adjective since it appears literally in the notice? But really, all we are doing is arguing semantics. Does it really matter whether we used "private", "restricted", "limited", "requires membership", etc.? They all amount to the same thing. Your profile is not available for casual members of the public who stop by the web site.

    Sean, we're sorry you and any of your friends are taking some fallout from this. Ironically, this just proves our point about some reviewers. They believe that their statements and opinions are immune from criticism and attack anyone who dares to criticize. (Lucy, if you're still reading this: we're not Sean; Sean is not us; stop harrassing him).

  7. I have no interest in interacting with Sean, that's why he's blocked. Just like the person running the blog by some shocking coincidence.