Friday, July 20, 2012

A Promo for Free Speech and First Amendment

We logged in today to see a little spike in traffic from a couple of sources: Goodreads and a place called StoptheGRBullies. Interesting. Most of our traffic is from other places. Naturally we were curious.

Off we went to the latter first to see what was up. In the comment section of a recent post, someone included a link to our latest post about Kat Kennedy saying that it had more "more information about Kat Kennedy's attacks on Rebecca". Based on the name of that web site, we are guessing that the folks behind the web site believe that Kat is a bully and that she should stop posting.

We here at Goodreads Follies believe in the First Amendment and believe that a healthy society cannot thrive without allowing the widest possible range of speech (short of direct threats, incitement to violence, etc.). Our position is that even though Kat apparently cannot read and/or comprehend as well as we would hope, she still has the right to post her "interpretation" of events. It is not bullying to criticize another, even if that criticism is ill-reasoned.

The Goodreads traffic appears to be coming because of a user update. Someone has found us again. Hello to Goodreads members! Stay tuned for more to come.

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