Monday, July 23, 2012

Carroll Bryant v Autumn Rosen - Round 2

In a continuation of yesterday's drama, Carroll Bryant has apparently been banned from Goodreads as his blog is gone and he is not listed as being a Goodreads author. So the mob got their way.

Yesterday, Carroll took to his own blog (linked above) and posted a response to Autumn's accusations in a blog post called, "Autumn Rosen - When an Author Slanders". I am posting almost the entire blog post here because it is short, and the entire thing is relevant to this discussion:
Well, one of the things that contributed to my being banned from Goodreads was this slanderous comment made by author Autumn Rosen. Keeping in mind that I do not even know this woman. She does not know me. We have bever met, never spoken, nothing. And yet, she took it upon herself to slander me without provocation. I don't need to tell you what she said, you can see it for yourself below. But this is just one small tiny sample of what I had to endure with these Goodreads bullies. People who didn't even know me, slandering me like crazy. And might I remind you, with absolutely no evidence what-so-ever to support her slanderous claims. I will be speaking with my lawyer later in the week to discuss our options where this fine lady is concerned. If he says I have any kind of a case, I am going all the way. Meanwhile, I will also supply a link to her blog and maybe you could go and tell her what you think about her remarks. Okay? Great! LOL
Yes, we know. Carroll really means libel, not slander, but an attorney will fix that for him. This is followed by a screenshot of the post in question where Autumn says Carroll dreams of being a pedophile and implies he is a threat to "little" children. We remind our readers again that, even though a relationship between a 36 or 48 year old and an 18 year old seems icky, it is LEGAL. Further a pedopfile is someone attracted to prepubescent children, and 18 is way past that. There is also a link to Autumn's main blog (not on Goodreads). Then the text continues:
Here is her Goodreads author page if you want to talk to her there. Keep in mind that all of her information is publically available. Being an author, you do not have to be a Goodreads member to view her profile. You do need to have an account however to leave her a comment. All you have to do to find her is type in her name on your search engine and it will take right where this link will. Just promise me that you will be nice.
This is followed by a link to her Goodreads author page.

Please note that in the text above, Carroll advocates contacting her by leaving comments her public blogs and says to be nice. He does not ask people to contact her privately (via phone or email), go to her house, threaten her, etc.

Here is the comment Autumn left on the blog early this morning:
I am requesting you remove this page as you do not have a Good Reads Blog since your banning and you have not posted the 589 other posts that include your rants and threats of physical harm to others. You are directly targeting me when I had nothing to do with your ban other than to support others who started it days before I became involved. After reading what you wrote it was hard not to speak out as a parent, like the hundreds of other people but you chose ONLY me. That is predatory behavior, only further proof of the reason for your bans.
I feel physically threatened by your targeting and threats. Putting me out there, inviting people to come and look me up because all my information is public (it's not), when I only stated my opinion, directly threatens my family and safety. I am NOT publicly available to talk to by anyone not of my choosing. You do not choose for me, so this needs to end. This is harassment and cyberstalking.
Autumn has missed a few key points both in the blog post and in U.S. law as we understand it:

First, Carroll is most likely targeting Autumn because she is the one who accused him of being a pedophile and a predator; other posters were mostly just asshats. We will have to review our screen prints of that to verify.

Second, we're not sure what Autumn's definition of "public" is, but when we Google her name, her author web site, Facebook author page, and her Twitter feed all come up, as do any number of other profiles of her on Smashwords, Linkedin, and other places. We fail to see how this is NOT "public". These pages are clearly for promotional reasons (and nothing wrong with that), but that means they are out there for the public to see and interact with.

Third, Carroll's blog posts do not advocate causing Autumn harm. Asking someone to leave a comment on a blog does not "threaten [Autumn's] family or safety". Even though, she may "feel threatened", the law seems to be on Carroll's side. If every author, blogger, or other person who "felt threatened" when they were publicly criticized could stop the criticism, the entire premise of the First Amendment would be undone. Autumn's lawyer should really review Brandenburg v. Ohio, a Supreme Court case which says in part:
the constitutional guarantees of free speech and free press do not permit a State to forbid or proscribe advocacy of the use of force or of law violation except where such advocacy is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action.
That said, we believe that Carroll would be better off advocating that others blog about the attacks on him on their own blogs or web sites, rather than advocating that those people contact the attacker through her public blogs and pages.

We will close with the fact that our hypocrisy meter is at full tilt by Autumn's ironic assertion that Carroll saying Autumn slandered him is harassment and stalking, yet her calling him a pedophile and child predator is peachy-keen. 

The post in question has been up and down this morning, but we do have screenshots of all this should those be necessary.

Update #1: Carroll has responded. He's not backing down. This looks like it could get ugly. Meanwhile, we also have reports that Autumn may be over on Absolute Write trying to make her case. We'll check it out as time permits.

Update #2: Carroll has removed the blog post referenced above.


  1. You have no idea how much this means to me. All this time I thought I was going it alone, but the fan mail (Emails) I have been getting the past 24 hours has been close to overwhelming.

    Thank you.

  2. Although this is comparatively minor in the grand scheme of the whole issue, I think the fact that this Carroll Bryant person has been using a photo of a Canadian model and saying it is him needs to be addressed. After all, he has lied about how he looks and apparently his age, which speaks to his credibility.

    I just randomly clicked on an old post on his blog where he mentions this Jude person (and his avatar in the comments is the Canadian model referenced above) and he was telling several fawning women how he was a sad over Jude so he bought some stuffed "bunnies" and took them to sick kids. One woman told him how wonderful he was to do that and quick as a slick flash Carroll said "the reward was all mine to see those smiling kids." Seriously, who falls for that kind of crap?

    1. You shouldn't mock my charity work. Shame on you. You'll piss on anything wouldn't you? You heartless ass.

  3. You have lost a lot of what I said to Mr. Bryant and taken it out of context. So for your pleasing eyes I post this for you as I did for him. I am walking away because this is just a tragedy.

    I deleted my all of my content pertaining to you yesterday, not because you gave an ultimatum, but because I realized this is pointless. Your stolen model pictures that you stated were pictures of you have come to light and the owner made you take them down. Your age of 48 and not 26, has come to light. Your lies have been called out by numerous people. None of this by me I just sat back and watched this unravel feeling pretty bad for you.

    When the proof was shown I realized you have had to build your whole life from fiction in order to be happy which means your life has to be pretty pathetic.

    While the internet is a great place to create lies like this, it ends up growing in size until it implodes. You got caught, teen age girls found out that the hot, 26 year old, crystal-blue-eyed man ( ) they fauned over because he traveled the world and writes books only they understand, actually lives in Ohio and sits on his couch playing with his parent’s dog and happens to look a lot more like the Skipper from Gilligan’s Island (Your large meaty hands gave you away. I took human biology and know that means you are a pretty big guy hiding behind a camera. My guess is you are ashamed of how you really look because no real pictures of you seem to exist on your site and no teenager would give your real image the time of day). Honestly I cry for you and I will pray that you are forgiven for making these young girls believe your lies and get pulled in by the fantasy you built yourself to be.
    I also pray that you stop this behavior, it’s dangerous for all involved.

    You are not worth my time although you have given me a laugh with how bad things must be for you to lie and steal from other people to make yourself look good (yes that model Michael was pretty hot).

    Wow, just wow.

    A writer should not be sucked into his job as to become fiction itself. Nothing is left when the binding falls off and the pages are blown away by the wind. Don’t be the book, be the man that writes it.

    I’m walking away and forgetting this most unfortunate time wasting event. You are in my prayers, Carroll (if that is in fact your name).

    Best Regards,

    Autumn Rosen

  4. I'm sorry but posting pictures of a model, lying about his age and lying to teenagers about who he is seems very predatory toward teens. The young girls, (one named Cici,looks like she's 12) and Ira who post on his blog seem glued on him, interviewing him more about his personal love life than his books, seems disturbing. His post about all the young pu**# that shows up on his doorstep gives me a real feeling of eeeww! Beware of internet perves.

  5. Carroll, we're backing you on two things: that Autumn was legally wrong to accuse or imply that you were a pedophile or child predator and that your post about her possible libel was not threatening her or calling for anyone to stalk her. But, dude, you had know that your posts at GR over the weekend were chumming the waters, right? That doesn't excuse some of the responses, but you had to see them coming. (And an 18-yr-old? Seriously?)

    Adventures and Anon, you have the right to dislike Carroll for whatever reason--dating an 18 yr old, violating a photographer's copyright, complaining about not receiving promised reviews, etc.--and to say that on the Internet. But if you run around with a pack of people making wild accusations without knowing the facts and blowing things out of proportion, we reserve the right to mock you.

    Autumn, we have seen all of your comments on Carroll's last two blog posts at GR. We have not taken that out of context. What we found ironic is that when you were accused of a much lesser crime--libel--you demanded that Carroll be silenced.

    1. Yeah, some water got chummed. I'll agree to that. And I understand your 18 year old remark, but hey, it's legal. Granted, morally, people have the right to get the willies. But how many people got the willies from Elvis dating a 15 year old Priscilla? Even the king liked them young. At about 37 years old, he dated an 18 year old Linda Thompson. Creepy as he was, he was still the king. But no, I didn't see them coming. That last blog post was up for five days and hardly a view until the fifth day. Then BABAM! Viral. As for Autumn and her whines of people libeling her, it is bully mentality to give yourself the right to say whatever you want about people, right or wrong, but nobody has the right to say anything about you, right or wrong. make no mistake about it, Autumn is a bully. She has sock puppets that she uses to this day to continue to libel me. People like her never learn their lesson.

  6. Seriously, I don't know who the fuck to believe now....but evidence seems to be piling up that supports the fact that Carrol Bryant may have done some pretty suspect shit. And, reading his blog, I am starting to see where Autumn Rosen is coming from, whereas before, I had immediately written her off as one of those American mothers who's over-eager to label someone with the "pedophile" epithet. But He's obviously not one (that is if he's attracted to adolescent girls), but he does seem sort of predatory towards teenaged girls in general. I mean, why in the hell would anyone use a picture of a model as their avatar?

    1. I already explained that pic started as a joke that went too far and I have long since apologized for it. I never once approached any girl nor have I ever acted inappropriately with any girl of any age. Period! And nobody can prove otherwise. And even after a year, still no evidence has surfaced that proves otherwise.

  7. Ok, firstly just to put things in perspective... The legal age of consent and right to marry (without parental consent) in my country (Scotland) is 16 years old.

    However, even with that being the case - if this fellow showed an interest in my 17 year old daughter I'd put him on his arse quicker than you could say "HELL NO!" Every alarm bell is ringing, my radar is going crazy and my skin is crawling. Using the fake photo alone to make him seem younger/attractive is enough to wonder at his motives of why he'd need/want that persona but combined with some of his postings I'd say it's positively suspect.

    BUT, to judge him on any of this on a book review site is just wrong.

    A lot of the meltdown could have been avoided if he'd just never made that post in the first place but then he wouldn't have had the satisfaction of 300 people knowing his name, now would he?

    Seems like a hefty price to pay for the wrong sort of noteriety, if you ask me.

    1. I had over 350 fans before that post went up. Plenty of people knew my name. I made that post in retaliation of Jude (the girl in question) stalking me on my shared blog. And for manipulating my blog partner in the process. two wrongs don't make a right, nor did the third wrong, Jude gathering up her bully friends to attack me. As for the wrong sort of notoriety, a year later, things have worked out well.

  8. I lurked the whole time his Goodreads blog posts were up, both the original post and the "explanation" one and there was more than one implication made both by him and by his friend "Ira" that the girl in question was in fact 17 when they first got involved. She just happened to turn 18 by the time the sh*t hit the fan and their "relationship" took a nosedive. I do not have screencaps of these comments myself but I am quite confident that more than one individual who was also following the meltdown would be able to ascertain this.

  9. Carroll Bryant replied to a Goodreads comment by stating that he took a girl (18 years old) to Mexico to get an abortion. It has been saved but it is not going to be revealed on all these blogs/forums since it is disgusting. It will be revealed to a civil court, and/or the authorities if requested. However, in a defamation case, in a request for production, all emails between both parties will be requested which puts this then 17 year old girl at risk for even more exposure. You have attorneys and assistants either reading each email to see if it relates and/or doing key word searches to see if they can find emails in that fashion. It's a balancing act. Do you expose Carroll Bryant in a defamation case and expose all his emails (Mr. Bryant, go ahead and delete them, computer experts and the authorities can easily get them from your provider) but also expose the young girl (who cares if she is now 18, it is clear this started when she was 17 and it really doesn't matter since it would be defamation regardless of her age, saying someone had an abortion in a public forum is defamation. Truth is the only defense). Then, Bryant's legal team would try to prove that it wasn't actually him so you get more experts involved, and so on and so on.

    But here is the important part, goodreadsfollies and stopthegrbullies, how are you accountable for your actions if you continue this support with one sided information?

    So, Carroll, you might want to stop because when it all comes down to it, do you really want the authorities and/or legal teams to have unlimited access to all your raw, uncensored emails? If you think I'm joking or playing to the side of those on Goodreads, look up a defamation attorney and then ask for a consultation. See what they say.

    Think about that.

    1. My email was investigated by law enforcement. No wrong-doing was ever found. Some of the bullies are now being investigated.

  10. I'm not going to call Carroll Bryant a pedophile, but I will definitely say he acts wholly inappropriate with young females on the internet.

    There is a lot of evidence suggesting he preys on young girls (including minors aged 17). It's a fact that he was involved with Jude. What's unknown is how old she was when this started. He claims she was 18, she claims she was 17. This relationship went sour around December 2011 - possibly because he sent Jude a fake photo of himself and she found out. From January until now he has obsessively posted blog posts and poetry about her, on his own blog and others. He claims she was his soul mate and he is angry that things didn't work out between them.

    This is what started all of the drama. When the relationship didn't work out, Jude (who is a book blogger) decided not to review his book or post his interview. She also apparently asked her friends to back out as well. This is not really an abnormal reaction, nor is it illegal. At some point during their "breakup" he sent an e-mail to Jude telling her he hopes she kills herself, along with a horde of other vile obscenities. He admitted he sent this e-mail.

    Carroll Bryant stewed over this breakup for 8 months and then started posting his ranting blogs on Goodreads and his own site, condemning Jude and her friends for not reviewing his book. He also named several bloggers in his "list" of people who are not Jude's friends and who had never heard of him.

    Carroll speaks on his own blog as well as the "Ira" blog about how Ira is his best friend. She claims to be a 17 year old female. He writes poetry for her, Jude, and other minor females that he posts on his blog and on Goodreads. The interview he did with Ira on her blog on May 3rd was so creepy and inappropriate for a 48-year-old man to be having with a 17-year-old girl.

    Throughout all of this Carroll has lied about his age and used a fake photo of a 20-something-year-old model and passed that photo off as him.

    Pedophile is a strong word and I hesitate to use it, but I can say that he is seeking out young girls (17/18 year olds) and misrepresenting himself to these girls by lying about his age and posting fake photos of himself.

    I don't generally have an issue with this site, but I think you guys have it wrong by siding with this guy on this issue.

    1. I have never written a poem for "Ira" or any other minor female. That is a lie. Ira has just been an internet friend who helped me with my blog in the beginning and the friendship is still going strong.

      I also explained that photo on my blog. It wasn't to lure anyone period. I never approached people on the internet or on Goodreads. I am not seeking out anyone, much less, young girls. Jude approached me first. I kept the relationship as "friends" for a month until she reached 18. I did send her a real pic of me. She knew early on that pic wasn't me. What does my age have to do with anything? I am not 48 years old either. That is a lie spread by the bullies. I did not condemn Jude and her friends for not reviewing my book, I condemned them for stealing my book and for Jude stalking me on my blog by using Ira to get to me. This is why I posted the "list". I did not stew for 8 months over Jude. That is another lie. In fact, I was the one who blocked Jude from emailing me and this is why Jude got angry and stalked me on my blog. I did not tell Jude to kill herself. She wrote to me and said she was going to kill herself (for the one millionth time) and I simply told her to do whatever she wanted. And the reason she threatened this was because I told her I was blocking her from emailing me. And I didn't admit to sending THAT email, because I never saw that email, I said I sent AN email. Stop your lying. And I never acted inappropriately with anyone, adult or minor. Period! No evidence has ever been presented to show that I did.

  11. Anon at 8:22 p.m.: Please do not come here with bogus legal threats. We suspect that we have better legal resources than you do.

    First, if we understand your initial, poorly written, wall-o-text paragraph, you are saying that Carroll claimed that he helped an 18-yr-old get an abortion and that that statement is not true (you left the "not true" part out, but we think that is what you meant). We have not seen any statements by either Carroll or the girl regarding this issue, so we cannot comment on it. Nor do we want to. In fact, this should be between Carroll and the girl. What business is it of yours?

    Second, the First Amendment of U.S. allows us to write all the "one-sided" stories we want. You may wish to reread what we have written. We have not supported, endorsed, or encouraged illegal actions by Carroll or anyone else.

    Third, if you--and again how is this your business?--want to threaten Carroll with legal action, you would be more credible if you posted this on his blog or emailed him directly.

    Thank you for reading our blog.

  12. Anon at 9:37 p.m.: We have written that we support him on two very specific things: that being called a pedophile and a child predator was wrong when the relationship under discussion was with a 17- or 18-yr-old not an adolescent or a child AND that his blog post was not "threatening" to Autumn. That is the sum total of the support we have expressed for him--which is actually so much support for him as it is criticism of the words of others.

    I believe we also called a relationship between a 36- or 48-yr-old with an 18-yr-old squicky.

    Oh, and we did mock the profane hissy-fit of another GR member (Brittany Hiester), which is sort of the whole point of this blog. But mocking participants on one side does not mean whole-hearted support for the other side. If just means we are mocking participants on one side.

  13. I want out of this mess. I deleted everything I wrote on my one little 5 lines post to my friends, not Carroll's friends who blog on FB 2 days ago.
    I have not done anything to him other than react like a human being at the sight of a child being assaulted on Goodreads and yet MY name is the only one mentioned EVERY time.
    I apologize for calling him a pedophile, I was caught up in the heat of the moment just like he was with his threats that never seem to make these blogs backing him. I do believe he is lying to girls and having inappropriate relationships but that I guess is up to the parents of these girls to stop.
    I cannot get him reinstated to Goodreads as he demands I do in order for all of this to stop. I am one person and HUNDREDS reported him and I think he would go back to his odd inappropriate behaviors targeting teens if he did return.
    I have no control over Goodreads Admin or the other people that reported him. They are not my friends and I did not start this. It started days before I caught a link of it on my Facebook page from another author who warned me about him because I was going to start a review blog to help Indie Authors out now that I am no longer one. I'm not doing my blog to avoid issues like this with people like him. I am also not going to play into his taunts.
    He refuses to post more from me on his blog because he is still playing his games with other women there who feel sorry for him. I find it sad that they don't know what he actually did and believe him because he picks and chooses who to post. So he remains the victim and just like this blog it's completely one-sided.
    I will not review his work because I find books about old men having sexual relationships with teens sickening but I will not trash them either. I have no interest in this man that makes me feel sick to my stomach at the mention of his name.
    So if you have any sense Carroll you will end this vendetta against me. I did not tell you to post what you did, I did not tell you to send the vile emails to your ex-girlfriend and then post them for all to see. I thought I was defending a child from a predator, and there was plenty of proof being doled out to give anyone reading what you posted the same idea. She says 17 you say 18. It's hard to believe she would lie about her age since you were supposedly 26 and she was okay with that until she found out different.
    Leave me alone I did not start this mess, he obviously did and he's enjoying his 15 minutes. I'm sorry you chose this form of publicity Bryant and I fell into it like a sucker. Lesson learned, now I'm moving on.

    1. Even in this post, you still accuse me of stalking minors when no evidence of that exists. You say these "other girls" don't know what i actually did. Well, what did i do other than try to be friends with people? You, nor your friends, can prove anything. nor have you, Autumn. You make me sick to my stomach too. You are part of the problem, not solution. And FYI, I never posted any vile emails on the internet, Jude did. That's how she got you and the others to attack me in the first place.

  14. Autumn, if it helps, we have no plans at this time to post further about this issue, unless it is to clarify our position.

    The larger problem at GR that we find worthy of criticism is the tendency of a large group of reviewers to pile onto any author or reviewer who posts an opinion that they don't agree with. Often those GR members don't seem to want to know the real situation or facts; they jump to conclusions based on what other people have posted. You seem to have been caught up in that. The reason we picked you is that your accusation seemed to us to be over-the-line as well as the one that sent Carroll and then entire comment thread off the deep end.

    However, we acknowledge that you would like to put this to rest, so we'll update our original post accordingly (probably tomorrow, though--we have a commitment tonight that we must shortly be off to).

  15. I am being emailed by people who think I am a baby raper because of Bryant and they think I am him. What have you done? Are you having fun with your game?

    I was not the first to accuse him of of being a child predator. I was just the one he screen captured. There is worse being said by others days before and still now. Yet I am the focus of all this hatred from a sick man I never want to know. Now he is calling all of Good Reads members terrorists which is dangerous to do.
    He keeps spamming his nasty words, insults and assumptions like a poison. Why aren't you posting his classics, is it because you support his behavior of causing havoc. You are feeding an internet troll who has nothing else to do but act out his show to the girls that come to poor Bryant's rescue? I am not a terrorist. I want to be left alone completely I have posted nothing anywhere else other than here. If he or you want you can search all of GR hell why not the whole of the internet, he does not matter to me, he is lower than the dirt beneath my shoes. What does matter is having my name linked with what most likely is a child predator, someone else's words not mine. I am not the one doing ANY OF THIS.
    I have posted nothing about him at all anywhere else because he is a sick man who needs help and I want NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM or your sick one sided site.
    Now he is committing libel by calling everyone on Good Reads TERRORISTS.
    Now I have to get an attorney to end this, no that is not a threat. I would like my name stricken from this site. You have nothing other than three or four day old screen takes of my opinion but not one from the day before when people were accusing him of worse. I was not in that hot mess either I had never even heard of this creep until the day I fucked up and said something amongst hundreds of others and for this I have more than paid dearly. With his sick needs I seem to be the only one he targets directly with my name and that is scary to be on the other end of Carroll Bryant's focus. I was asked to take a look by one of my friends on FB and she linked it. I did not rouse the villagers with pitchforks and torches, his castle was already surrounded when I got there. I'm sick of being called out as the instigator of all of this when he was the man posting his personal business thinking there would be no response. I don't care about him or his teenage harem. Their parents should have better control over the bat-shit crazy antics of their children or should have at least taught them about people like Bryant and to avoid him. I have warned my kids about him and others like him. Yes I can legally warn my kids away and anyone I know for that matter. I am taking down my whole website and requesting GR take anything having to do with my work or person that has been spouted onto the net by this sick man seeking attention and empathy of strangers outside of the actual event. I will not be Carroll Bryant's toy or yours any longer. I'm getting emails asking if I am a baby raper too because my name has been linked to his. This has to end, you Administrator are helping set a fire that will get someone hurt. I have a family, yes kids in my home and now I am being labeled as a baby raping terrorist, all because you of and Bryant and all of his other sites. This is no longer a game.

    1. I haven't sent you anything. You are the one who chose to get involve and attack me, someone you don't know. I have no control over my followers. I do not condone making threats. Sorry you're being accused of the every thing you continue to accuse me of. Now you know how I feel.

  16. UPDATE: My computer was given to the police and cyber-crimes. IF ANY of the sick emails I got are traced to back to Mr. Bryant, his followers, or any websites connected to his including this one I will be suing to the fullest extent of the law.

    1. Funny, over a year later and I haven't been arrested or sued. You may apologize to me any time you like.

  17. "Adventures and Anon, you have the right to dislike Carroll for whatever reason--dating an 18 yr old, violating a photographer's copyright, complaining about not receiving promised reviews, etc.--and to say that on the Internet. But if you run around with a pack of people making wild accusations without knowing the facts and blowing things out of proportion, we reserve the right to mock you."

    What an odd thing to say. I don't run with a "pack" and I don't even have a GoodReads account so I'm not involved in anything that went down. Personally I don't think it's "blowing things out of proportion" to say a man who uses the photo of a model from Canada and says it's him has a distinct lack of credibility. It's a fact.

  18. Autumn:

    First, you do not deserve to be threatened or harrassed for the statements you made.

    Second, please check out the top of the right sidebar under "Pay Attention" for our statement regarding contacting people that we blog about. Nowhere in our two blog posts that reference you have we suggested that people contact you in any way, and in this post, we even wrote that, "we believe that Carroll would be better off advocating that others blog about the attacks on him on their own blogs or web sites" as opposed to asking people contact you directly.

    Third, this situation went viral without us. We had just a little bit of random traffic until Carroll wrote his blog post that included a link to our site--which was after the GR brouhaha and after several posts on his blog, including the one discussed above. We saw a jump in traffic after he linked to us, but we get nowhere near the page views he claims he got on his GR posts or his blog. This would continue even if we removed your name from our site, which we do not intend to do. Do not lay this problem at our feet.

    (to be continued)

  19. Adventures, the "you" was a general "you" not a you "you".

  20. Will a court order work for what? We have not threatened you nor encouraged anyone to do so.

  21. If your lawyer has an objection a specific statement--note this does not mean "everything we have written about you"--then have him or her leave contact information here and we would be happy to provide an email address for further discussion.

  22. Ugh, isn't it enough already? Don't all of you have anything better to do? And, no, you cannot call someone, in a public forum, "...a child predator and a pedophile..." and not expect to be taken to court about it.

    1. See the thing is, yes, technically you could take someone to court but you have to show damages that directly resulted from someone calling you a pedophile. In the case of say, Michael Jackson, if a magazine had printed an article stating 'MICHAEL JACKSON IS A PEDOPHILE" he would have sued them and won, because he's a public figure and it is reasonable that such a vile accusation would cause "damages", in this case decreased income due to lost record and concert sales.

      Some small time author on the internet taking someone in another country to court for defamation over being called a pedophile is practically impossible due to legal jurisdiction.In the same country, it's possible, but where are damages? Where is the direct link between someone being called a pedophile and a reduction in income/employment? Plus it costs a small fortune to go to court, hire lawyers etc. and it rarely ends up being worth it in small time civil matters.

      *edited to add "small time" before civil matters. Some civil matters are very much worth the time! :)

  23. So, is it fair to say that Carroll calling everyone on Goodreads a terrorist is equivalent to A.N calling him a pedophile?

    The mudslinging from both sides makes me wish I had never tried to expand my interests into the "indie market".

  24. It wasn't a public forum it was a PERSONAL blog. Get your shit straight then talk woman. And in any case wouldn't freedom of speech come into play no matter what? They could have called him a polka-dotted-fairy-whore-fucker and it's still freedom of speech.

    I say that Tom Cruise is a bitchy, whiny, cliche of little girl who is secretly closeted. Oh look nothing happened.

    FREE SPEECH, the freedom to voice an opinion. He took it a little far with his funny ass blog. He is totally illiterate. If that's a writer he needs to be posting his shit on toilet paper like the rest of us.

    He demeaned himself when he let his teenage girlfriend post an email he sent her, telling her to eat taco cock and to kill herself. He needs to control his children if he's going to have relations with them. I'm just saying. I saw that email and wow, he is a piece of shit but that's his right. That's just my opinion! Big Daddy needs to be grounded as much as she does for letting his big secret out of the bag (and I'm not talking his old wrinkly-ass ball sack that at his age is probably hanging a little south of his knees.)

    He allowed his little personal pissing match with his child-toy (yeah he's a bonafide sicko, BAD GRANDPA! BAD! No more children for you!)to go public.

    I say grab the popcorn and enjoy the low class trailer trash show it is.

    He is after all in Ohio, low I.Q.'s and trailer parks. His songs are totally hilarious and they need to stay in his garage where no one has to listen to that shit. ROFL He's bat-shit crazy.

    My only advice for the viewers of this train wreck if they start throwing chairs and babies.

    And Mr. Batshit Crazy Bryant. Don't get caught with your kiddie porn man they will trace that shit and you will have big boyfriends instead of high school pussy.

    1. If you'd say Tom Cruise is a pedophile and he or someone he knows saw it, then, yeah, you would have shit and hell to pay in court, honey.

      And a website (blog or GR or whatever) is PUBLIC, unless you owner of said blog/account/profile/whatever set it private. I have 3 blogs, 1 of which is private.
      My GR profile is private unless you're in my friends list.
      An auhor's profile or blog on GR is public.

    2. @ anon 11:03 - I don't have kiddie porn. And I don't want to borrow any of yours either. LOL I haven't had high school pussy since I was in high school. LOL As for my songs, maybe they do suck, but they're certainly better than anything you could ever do. LOL I don't live in a trailer park. Just because you do is no reason to accuse me. I don't record my songs in a garage. And FYI numbnuts, I didn't take this public, your friend Jude did.

      Dumb-ass. LOL

      P.S. - I said "taco cock?" LMAO Prove it! haha Dumb-ass.

  25. Michael Jackson was called a pedophile for years! Take that you sweet thing. I know I called him that I did not get sued once.

    I want to be your friend! You can only call me honey if you lick me and I taste like it.

    He was the owner of said blog, the top of the screen on my PC said Carroll Bryant's blog. Sorry but you need to learn to read there sweetcakes.

  26. For the past two days I've been following this story as it unfolds. Being an author myself who does participate on Goodreads with readers (although, it should be said, I have a policy of not replying to reviews), I have interest in the community of writers and bloggers and how we work together. Couple that with the fact that I also review novels (not of this particular genre) for a blog I share with another writer ... the designation of this fray was interesting to me on several levels -- but mostly, as a learning experience. A shinning example of everything NOT to do -- both as a writer and as a reader.

    I should also probably mention, since I assume it will be called into question, that I am a totally neutral third-party ... I have absolutely no vested interested either way and the outcome of these shenanigans has no baring on me, my work nor my life. I haven't publicly commented on this debacle outside of this thread ... and I probably won't comment again.

    Here is my entirely unbiased opinion:

    In the end, ultimately, what I've discovered by piece-mealing this together, following links, reading the commentary is that NO ONE here is innocent. Not Carroll and not the bloggers/reviewers.

    Carroll, I believe, put a lot of information about himself and his personal life out there ... by doing so he muddied the professional waters of which he wanted to swim. He did this by simultaneously discussing his private life during professional interviews. Things like failed relationships, girls he "would have made famous" ... those all opened the proverbial Pandora's box of full disclosure when in reality, he should have been more demure as a public figure with a stake in his public persona. Once that's been done or established, especially by the author himself, there is no going back from that sort of candor ... it seems that suddenly everything from his relationships to his age became fair game for fodder.

    And mock him, they did.

    This is where I felt, really for the first time, saddened by the whole undoing.

    Suddenly the question was no longer "Did Carroll write a great book?" ... it became a question of his moral compass. Whether it was is morally right or morally bankrupt for a forty-year old man to date a teenager of legal age and consent ...

    The overwhelming consensus was bankruptcy. Carroll has been accused of being a pedophile -- but whether anyone likes it or not, if a girl is over the age of 17, she is capable (in the eyes of the law) of making a decision of who she will or won't be romantically involved with. She can CHOOSE a forty-year old ... and gross or not ... that's her legal right. Morally, we can stand on soap-boxes all day long ... but legally and morally are different beasts.

    So, that happened. And people, as people tend to do, told him what that thought of HIM rather than HIS BOOKS. The focus and intent of a review changed, suddenly there were blogs and threads and a total slip into madness. No one was reviewing his work, they were reviewing him as a human being. And rather than take it on the chin and realize that opinions are just that ... opinions. He fought back which incited a mob of vitriol.

    And now, there is talk of libel suits and police involvement and the reputation/career of a writer has been ruined ... along with the compromising of identities of totally uninvolved people who were just readers as recently as three days go.

    Ultimately, I can't see how any of this was worth the outcome. Not for Carroll, who was fighting for his reputation and ended up ruining it. Not for the multiple readers who needed a serious brushing up on the laws of this country but spoke with such authority. And not for the TEENAGER who thrust into the eye of the storm and had her identity disclosed in this brouhaha.

    It strikes me as you all fighting for nothing. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    1. Wise words. However, a year later and I have sold books every month so far of 2013. (Up to May 2013) June numbers to be released in August. Everything is fine in that department. Looks like my 'defending myself" worked. But again, I liked your comment. I wish everyone took your approach.

  27. Some thoughts:

    1. Carroll's blog on GR may have been personal, but it was also public. Personal and public are not mutually exclusive--private and public are.

    2. Just because you've called a celebrity a pedophile--or anything else in a similar vein--and not been sued, does not mean it wasn't libel or defamation. It just means you didn't get sued. There may also be different standards for a celebrity or well-known person than an everyday person.

    3. Free speech does allow you to express your opinion, but the line between expressing an opinion and stating a fact can be blurry and it's sometimes for a court to decide. We have read that simply putting "In my opinion" in front of a statement does not always protect you. As always, we are not lawyers. YMMV.

  28. It's also worth noting that, in addition to the Admin recognizing the squickyness of a forty year old dude carrying a relationship with someone who's barely legal, he has Miranda Cosgrove and Selena Gomez listed under his "celebrity crushes" tab on his blog. And on his Twitter, he is subbed to what looks like a teen in a bathing suit. it's not something he tried to hide either; he retweeted some vapid tweet she wrote, and it's on his front page.

    It's not like people are groundlessly calling attention to the public actions he's taken against younger girls. I know we should supposedly separate his personal life from his career as an author, but personally, it would be impossible for me not to see tidbits of Carroll Bryant, as the person he is, shining through in his books. Especially since they're young adult romance...and he has been using a picture of a model and yadda yadda yadda.

    I'm not at all trying to justify the harrasment he might be facing, just questioning his defenders' disbelief at all of the negative publicity he's facing in lieu of these facts.

    1. Why? Why should we separate personal life from career as an author? I think that Wal-Mart sucks and I refuse to patronize them because they exploit poor people. I think that Orson Scott Card is a homophobic jerk. I refuse to buy his books because I don't want to contribute one thin dime to a person who holds beliefs that I find intolerable and indefensible.

      So, it appears to me that Carroll Bryant has exploited teenaged girls. I am required to ignore this and buy his books anyway? I am required to keep my mouth shut when I find the entire idea of a relationship of any kind between a man in his forties and a girl in her teens to be a grotesque abuse of power? Ummm, no. It's my opinion and I get to say it. Whether the relationship was legal or not - and make no mistake, I'm not accusing anyone of criminal activity - authors are not exempt from being held accountable in the marketplace and in the community for behavior that is deemed by that community as disgusting.

      Really, it's absurd. He is apparently still sending teenaged girls out to defend him. That is not the behavior of a man of character. And I don't have to buy his books or support his writing, and I can tell everyone I know why and it's neither bullying nor terrorism.

    2. How did I exploit teenaged girls? Where is your evidence? Do you even know what exploitation even means because I don't think you do. And girls is plural, th eonly girl I may have gotten involved with was an 18 year old girl named Jude. (Singular0 But I didn't exploit her, she exploited herself. She took this thing public, I didn't. I just followed her lead. As for my blog, it's an "entertainment" blog. You really shouldn't take everything so serious. A lot of people Google those girls (Selena and Miranda) and when they do, they find my blog. Not to mention, when I wrote those posts, they were 18 or older. As for my twitter, I retweet a lot of tweets from both sexes, all ages. As for my books, they're just fiction. Nothing of me shines through them. They're just stories. Geesh. You people get way too serious over nothing. And FYI, I am not sending anyone out to defend me. I have asked all my friends to stay out out of it. It's their choice to defend me. I don't need them to defend me, I defend myself. Now, unlike Jude, who GOT her friends to attack me. And no, you don't have to buy my books or support my writing, but you can't tell anyone why because you don't know why. You don't know the truth. You only think you know based on the lies you heard from your friends and other bullies. So to say you "know" why, is a lie and bullying. End of story. You're part of the problem, not the solution.

  29. Anon at 11:46 a.m.: We agree with you completely. You said it better than we could have.

  30. In fact, for what I know Carroll's blog wasn't private, being an author. So, public place where, if you say he's a pedophile, you should also expect him to sue you for that.

    I know about Michael Jackson being called a pedophile for years. And I don't think he or his lawyer did nothing about it while someone accused him of being a pedophile. True or not.
    (Actually, he'd been condemned for that accuse).

    And you're disgusting!

  31. His BOOKS are trash for teenage girls who dream of a crystal-blue eyed men to take them away.

    The reality was the problem burned her eyes when she saw him IRL. ROFL a fat horney old man wanting to get it on. REALITY SUCKS!

    Don't they do Dateline Shows about this shit? Maybe they should get involved?

    1. Hey, I'm not fat. Now Jude on the other hand, she has "grown" the past year and a half.

      They do Dateline shows about adult men having sex with adult girls? ... I must have missed them shows. LOL

      I'm still not fat. Not that horny either. LOL

  32. Sweetcakes, isn't that what Bryant has been condemned for?

    His work is forever tarnished for where he decided to put his cock and the teenager that ratted him out.

    He don't sing near as pretty though.

    1. Jackson had been condemned by a court. Meaning: a court judged him guilty of child molestation. Although, later the kid admitted it was a lie.
      No court judged Carroll guilty of such a crime yet. Only you people are condemning him for something you don't have proof of.

    2. @ anon 12:01 - I don't sing at all. And hey, how do you know where I put my cock?

      I got ratted out?

  33. I know both legal and moral views of a 48 year old dating a 17 year old. But what does the fact that legal =/= moral have to do with anything? Yes, they have little to do with each other, but there are plenty of people who do not subscribe to the "death of an author" belief and have no qualms with associating the author's personal life with his literary work. Unless there's some rule on GR that prohibits the discussion of anything that's not immediately related to the book, I don't see any issues with the derailment of Bryant's book reviews--only in the way that people go about doing it.

    1. I wasn't 48 and she wasn't 17. Get your facts straight. or at the very least, stop lying.

      As for the book reviews (of my books) they are not book reviews. Calling me a racist, a rapist and pedophile is not reviewing a book. And none of it has ever been proven. Period! Not in any courtroom nor even on the internet.

  34. Sara, sweetheart, I'm not condemning him. I'm cheering him on. So what if he chased young tale? He did it in Mexico isn't the age of consent there like 3? Don't worry your old man is safe.

    The problem is he went back home and opened his cake hole and she opened hers, end of story.

    You are one of his friends and I say I would totally do what he's done to get with you.

    You obviously love and respect him. I think that's HOT!

    1. Sara is a gem. I love that lady. However, Jude opened her cake hole first. LOL Um, .... yeah. Comment over. haha

  35. That's right. I love and respect him. Because he's always respected me and been nice and a friend to me. Or to anyone I know that are our mutual friends. Teens or grown up.
    In our group, we are (well, we were, since he's no longer on GR now) a big family. Some of the kids I consider like my little brothers and sisters. And Carroll considers them all like his kids. He loves them like a big brother would do. He's been like a big brother to me, too, often times.
    The fact that a 36 year old could fall in love with a 18 years old girl doesn't bother me. Who am I to judge and say what is wrong or right in Love matters?
    Is it that different from a 28 years old falling in love with a 16 years old? My auntie was 16 when met my uncle (and yeah, he was 12 years older than her. And yeah, it was like ages ago and he had to ask her parents permission to see her, woo her and even talk to her).

    Don't know about Mexico's laws.
    And yeah, they probably opened a cake hole for themselves in getting this story public on the internet. But, oh well, what to do now? What's done is done already.

    1. You love and respect someone you've never met who has lied repeatedly? Not just about his age, but also falsely represented himself using a photo of a Canadian model. Do you not think both of these things are unethical and worthy of rebuke?

      I would think you'd be disappointed in yourself for believing his lies, not trying to defend him from some well deserved censure (and some not well deserved censure). Someone who lies to you doesn't deserve your love and friendship, Sara.

    2. All my lies? The only thing I lied about was my age. That's pretty much it. I already explained (and apologized) about the pic. So if you have any more lies I have said, I sure would love to hear them myself.

  36. "Second, the First Amendment of U.S. allows us to write all the "one-sided" stories we want."

    Administrator, note "Defamation" and that blogs and social sites are not covered under "Freedom of the Press". This is a hotbed issue as legal catches up with technology. See below, which expands greatly on your "Some thoughts" post as well.

    Also, for those arguing Pedophilia the correct term in this case would be Ephebophilia.

    Back to it then,

  37. Anon at 2:59: Thank you for the link. We were referring to the freedom of speech portion of the First Amendment, not the freedom of the press (we definitely do not consider ourselves the press), although even that may not be the relevant law. The point we were trying to make is that no writer or blogger is prohibited from telling just one side of any story; otherwise all the major political bloggers would be in big trouble. :) We have presented all of Autumn's comments that we saw before the thread went *poof* so that readers can judge them for themselves.

  38. On a side note ...

    If this girl was 17 years, there are PLENTY of states that would allow her to terminate a pregnancy without the need to fly to Mexico. And besides, what 17 year old's parents would allow their daughter to go to Mexico with an adult man? I mean ... really folks. Come on, be a bit more logical.

    My spidy senses all tell me that MOST of these "stories" are nothing but fiction -- appropriate for a writer of FICTION. Appropriate for a writer who writes ALMOST EXACTLY these stories into his novels, ironically enough.

    1. The girl in question (Jude) was not 17. She was 18. And FYI, she doesn't have a close relationship with her parents. Not even with her brothers. I also never flew to Mexico. I flew to california. Jude lives in Mexico, and she can cross the border all by herself. And the alleged abortion didn't take place in Mexico. It would have taken place in California.

  39. Whoa..! Who talked about pregnancy? O_o
    And no one did ever run to Mexico with an older man. She lives there for what we know.

    1. "Carroll Bryant replied to a Goodreads comment by stating that he took a girl (18 years old) to Mexico to get an abortion. It has been saved but it is not going to be revealed on all these blogs/forums since it is disgusting."

      Quote, end quote.

    2. I know nothing about it and that comment. And, actually, I don't care. I'm not a fan of abortion, but still I believe a woman can take her decisions and she was 18 and capable of that kind of decision.
      Abortion though, is not illegal. Not in my country. And I think also in USA(?). I can't see why she would have to go to Mexico to get an abortion.
      Anyway, not my business.
      Actually, not anyone's business.

    3. Oh? Bryant didn't make it seem like it was "not anyone's business" when he posted that in a public area.... Whether it's a lie or not, it still reflects on his character, and his character reflects on his books.

    4. I suspect much of Carroll's very public life is little much than fiction ... I think his creative mind has blurred reality with the edge of imaginary. People bought it ... they wanted to think he was this handsome, younger man with a rich history and exciting talent. Which is why all of this so enthralling to me ... everyone is so worked up over a fictional character.

      I don't believe he took a girl to Mexico ... I think HE THINKS that sounds exotic, so he says it hoping girls will swoon (oh ... look at how much he cares for her!) ... but that's how he sells himself ... the same as when he said "I would have set her up with an agent and made her famous if we would have worked out, but we didn't, so I'll marry this other girl instead" or "my manager says ..."

      Please, come on people ... really? In what world does any of that even make sense?

      Everything reads like fiction. He created a persona that would impress. And my BS detector first went wild when he said he enlisted in the Army at 17 and finished his Navy career at 18. That's not the trappings of real life, as someone who has a dear friend with an enlisted husband. Army and Navy are different things. And you sign up for a period of time ... much longer than a year. So, that's fact. That's real.

      There is no need to attack him based on suspicions ... he's not a pedophile, and no one needs to say he is because there are far less violent things to back up the suspicion that he's not what he says he is.

      And Sara, I totally where you're coming from ... believe me, I do. But the universe has laws ... one of which being is that you're entitled to as much privacy as you extend onto yourself. When he discusses his private life ... it opens the door for interruption either way.

    5. ˆˆThis is well said. This Carroll person was no where near famous himself, so to be promising fame to people is just ridiculous. And why would a small time self published author need a "manager"? Even JK Rowling doesn't have a "manager"!

      I think you've hit the nail on the head about why this whole thing is so compelling: Carroll Bryant is a fictional character and now all the stories he told and the lies he spent so much time weaving are coming undone around him and the fall out is fascinating.

    6. I never promised fame to anyone. But I do know movie agents and could have connected Jude with one. That's all i ever promised. Nobody can promise someone fame. That would be stupid. And yes, i did have a manager. I am also into music. My manager was making music contacts. I was also contemplating going on auditions myself. (I have a few somewhat famous friends) And I never said I finished my military career at 18 (dumbass) I did join the U.S. Army reserves at 17, then transferred into the active Navy at 18, where I spent the next three years stationed at Norfolk, Virginia. (Get your facts straight) The reason i transferred to Navy was because you can't go from reserves to active in the same branch. I had to switch branches. Geesh.

  40. The only thing he didn't do is waggle his willy in front of people. But I'm sure he's wanking that little bugger himself because all of this attention gets him off. It's porn for someone like him.

    It kinda goes like this....Carroll: OMG OMG I'm cumming where's my gym sock? Someone else just posted on my blog! Splurt. *Pops another Viagra and lights up a cig* (Speaking to his willy) It's okay there champion, I'll keep this going all night just for you. I love you, my only little friend who understands me. *Wipes a tear and pokes his willy with a finger*

    You should never know this much about a writer over the internet unless they are someone living next door and you are screwing them. It's craziness. It is fascinating to watch. It's better than a comedy show. I've been laughing for days.

    It is like watching a crazy-train, train-wreck in slow motion but alas this train is becoming boring.

    1. ^^ seriously?

      And this is why this whole thing has turned into a shit storm ... because things like that ... things that aren't even remotely relevant are being twisted up and given credence. Next thing you know, because someone "said" he jerks off on film, the boards will lit up with "this just in: Carroll jerks off! and make porn!" ... but it's not true ... and it turns into a game of telephone.

      Listen, I've posted numerous times under Anon at this point (I value my career far to much to climb into this fray with ya'll ... so sorry!) ... and I get it -- from every single angle, I see this for exactly what it is ... but there is enough meat on the bones that no one needs to go around making shit up because they can. It opens YOU up for a libel suit ... to which, I have to wonder, why anyone would want that?

      I think we all need to leave Carroll be ... let him lick his wounds, rebound, and move on ... and hopefully by taking the higher road at this junction, it'll save ya'll buckets in legal fees.

    2. @ Anonymous of 8:29 AM
      You know, your comment is kinda disgusting...

      @Anonymous of 9:21 AM
      I agree with you.

    3. @ anon 8:29 - I don't get all that horny very much. Well, not over the internet anyway. I don't even see the big whoop about phone sex. Boring! But that was a very vivid comment you made. Too vivid in fact. So much so that i think ..... eh, never mind what i think, your comment speaks for itself. LOL

  41. Who is making shit up exactly, other than Carroll himself? Someone making fun of why he is doing all of this does not constitute libel.

    Look up the law.

    He has to be doing it for a reason and until he comes up with an honest response, people will keep making fun of him.

    No one said he was doing porn, not one person has ever said that. Now you are making stuff up too.

    Poking the bear is fun! As long as you play nice. No one here is threatening him, just poking fun at his craziness. There is no libel in that. Lots of laughs because yeah that scenario makes the most sense.

    He'll never take the higher road, he's about making a name for himself no matter how horrible that name is. We are just playing along and watching with popcorn, beer and JuJubees. God I love those!

    I want to see what kind of line of BS he will wheel out next to defend the pile of lies he is buried in. I'll feel sorry for him once that pile grows over his head.

    Well maybe, but probably not.

    1. Oh, but I have defended myself nicely. The Looking Glass is proof of that. But hey, I didn't make any shit up, Jude and her bully friends did. I just defended myself against their lies. And I'm still trying to get someone to this day to tell me about all these many lies I have supposedly said to begin with. At last count, I only two lies. As for the high road, maybe when you all take it, I'll take it too. until then, I play in your sewer along side with you. As for me wanting to make a name? Nope. Wrong again "know it all". Books are my hobby. I couldn't care less about being famous. Well, that was before I was attacked. Now, it;s kind of enticing if just to rub it in all the bullies faces. LOL But again, still waiting to know of this pile of "lies" I am buried in. two isn't exactly a pile. One later though, and I'm still going strong. Everything is peachy keen. Now I'm starting to feel sorry for you. LOL

  42. I've really enjoyed addressing many of these comments one year later. As for me wanting to get famous, all I ever wanted to do was publish some books and post my songs on Youtube. Now, as for Jude, well, she's the one who wants to be famous. She wants to be an actress yet, she's ashamed of her body size. She wants to be a singer yet, she couldn't carry a tune if you gave her a bucket. She makes tons of Youtube videos and all she talks about is herself. About the books she reads and the ones she wants to read. Oh, and all of her crushes that she has for her teachers. I think she's crushed on all of them at this point. Funny how the truth comes out a year later about people, isn't it? Not to worry, I accept all of your apologies. LOL