Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Oh, for crying out loud, folks. Anyone emailing threats to anyone else involved in the Carroll Bryant / Autumn Rosen incident, or anyone harassing, stalking, or otherwise behaving in any illegal manner over this incident, needs to STOP. Period. This goes for BOTH sides.

UPDATE:  We are getting a lot of traffic from Let us be very clear: we do not support that web site or its "mission". We do not think that critical reviews--even snarky ones full of gifs and profanity--are bullying. We do not support the posting of GR members' personal information. We absolutely do not support contacting or harassing GR members; see our side bar under "Pay Attention".


  1. I was meaning to post the other day that I thought this site was better in the early days when it was more of a "cheeky dig" and now become too political with Carrollgate. I hope it goes back to how it was before.

  2. Thanks. We definitely plan to go back to snarking on GR. We, too, were surprised at how hostile--and how long--this whole Carroll thing has drug on.